Natural Care


Medical cannabis.
made easy.

Medical cannabis.
made easy.

Complimentary Services

Every cannabis product is different, and every patient is different. We recommend the products and doses best suited to your needs.


Ask your doctor to prescribe through Natural Care, or meet with one of our doctors or nurse practitioners – if medical cannabis is suitable, we’ll take care of the paperwork and keep you up-date on the registration and ordering process.

Personalized Plans

Getting a cannabis prescription is not the same as getting a cannabis plan. Most clinics prescribe a particular number of cannabis grams per day, then leave it to their patients to discover the products and doses that work. At Natural Care, we work with you and your prescriber to create a customized cannabis care plan, with the products and dosing schedule best suited to your medical needs. Best of all, we’re licensed producer-agnostic, meaning your needs are the only factors we consider when recommending products.

Ongoing Support
Our patient care team and nurses are available to answer all your cannabis questions, for the life of your prescription, free of charge.

Our Process


Meet with a nurse practitioner or doctor in person or online.


If medical cannabis is suitable, the patient’s MD or a Natural Care MD or NP generates a prescription.


Based on the prescription notes, a Natural Care nurse creates an individualized cannabis medication plan.


Based on the cannabis medication plan, Natural Care completes registration with the most suitable licensed producer(s).


Natural Care’s patient care team offers guidance throughout the ordering and refill process.


Natural Care provides ongoing support for the life of every prescription.

Education Services

Want to learn more about medical cannabis? Call today to book a community session with a Natural Care educator. From churches and synagogues to nursing homes, Legion halls, private businesses, social clubs and more, we’re ready to help plant the seeds of cannabis knowledge in your community.
Want to arrange or attend a group education session? Our educators are here to help.
Have a question about medical cannabis? Our educators are here to help. Give us a call today.
Looking to dig deeper into the wonderful world of medical cannabis? Our education blog is the answer.
Do you live in a retirement or long-term care home, or care for someone who does? We can be there!

Access to Varied Products

We’re licensed producer-agnostic, meaning the only thing we consider when creating your cannabis care plan is which products will work best for you. Here are some LPs that have proved popular with our patients: