Natural Care


Why Natural Care?

At Natural Care, we are experts in healthcare, retirement and long-term care, and cannabis. We make medical cannabis easy, guiding you through every step of the prescription, registration, ordering and refill process. We provide individualized services suited to your needs, and we offer ongoing education and support, always free of charge.

Why cannabis?

Cannabis treats so many symptoms and conditions that a single cannabis prescription often reduces total prescription load. A cannabis prescription can also significantly reduce opioid reliance, sometimes replacing opioid drugs entirely.

Do you charge for your services?

No, we do not charge for our services for individuals. Whether you’re seeking a first-time consultation with a Natural Care prescriber or need follow-up help with your prescription, medical cannabis plan, cannabis order, refill or more, our support services are free and available for the life of your prescription.

Are you a healthcare professional interested in sharing our services with your patients or residents? Our professional services are free for member organizations, too. Call us to learn more!

Why get a cannabis prescription when I can just go to the store and get it?

Medical guidance is essential to choosing the right products and doses. You wouldn’t go to the liquor store for healthcare advice, and the recreational cannabis market isn’t set up to answer your specific health questions. We understand seniors, and we understand cannabis. We’re here to help.

Medical cannabis is also an eligible medical expense, and can be claimed on your taxes, but only if it has been prescribed by a doctor or registered nurse.