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Natural Care healthy ways to take medical cannabis

4 healthy ways to take cannabis

Don't want to smoke? There are healthier ways to consume cannabis.

Why boomers are turning to cannabis

Aging Canadians are among the nation's most enthusiastic medical cannabis users. Find out why.
Natural Care glaucoma medical cannabis

Can cannabis treat glaucoma?

Cannabis is known to reduce intraocular eye pressure, but its use as a glaucoma treatment is controversial.
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THC, CBD and 3 other important cannabinoids

Learn which cannabinoids get you high, which make you calm, and which might be a balm for depression.
Natural Care medical cannabis

4 reasons to keep your cannabis prescription

Yes, it's easy for Canadians to buy legal cannabis from government-approved stores now - but don’t toss that medical prescription just yet.
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Is cannabis good or bad for depression?

The answer depends on who you ask.