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Natural Care medical cannabis and dementia Alzheimer's

Cannabis for Alzheimer’s

Research into cannabis and Alzheimer's is just getting started. Find out what we know.
Natural Care is cannabis safer than alcohol

Cannabis vs. alcohol: What’s safer?

Considering a switch from alcohol to cannabis? Learn more about the health implications here.
Natural Care medical cannabis entourage effect synergy

Understanding the entourage effect

THC and CBD get all the glory, but cannabis is a complex plant with hundreds of compounds. The entourage effect explains how they may work better together.
Natural Care fibromyalgia medical cannabis CBD

Can cannabis help your fibromyalgia?

Can cannabis help fibro sufferers cope with their symptoms?
Natural Care medical cannabis comfortable dose

3 ways to take cannabis without getting high

Yes, it can be done!
Natural Care medical cannabis arthritis

Can cannabis help arthritis?

Arthritis is one of the most common reasons patients seek medical cannabis.