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Cannabis is both an ancient and promising treatment for migraine headaches.

Is cannabis better than other migraine drugs?

Cannabis is one of the oldest and most consistently used migraine treatments in human history. Find out why.
Older woman suffering from arthritis and shoulder pain inflammation

How cannabis fights inflammation

Chronic inflammation and inflammatory conditions are common - but that doesn't make them any less devastating. Find out how cannabis can help.
Natural Care topical cannabis medical prescription

Recipe: Quick and easy homemade cannabis cream

Fans of cannabis topicals say they help with inflammation and local pain.
Natural Care can cannabis replace other drugs

Is cannabis the antidote to too many prescriptions ...

More research is needed, but some doctors and patients are already using cannabis to reduce overall prescription load.
Natural Care how to use a vaporizer medical cannabis

How to use a vaporizer

Everything that you need to know about vaporizing medical cannabis.
Natural Care save money medical cannabis marijuana taxes

How to claim cannabis on your taxes

Your medical cannabis is tax deductible! Find everything you need to make your claim with the CRA.