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5 studies on cannabis for seniors

How much do we know about medical marijuana for older adults? The results of these recent studies may surprise you…
Nurse holding a cannabis plant

Ask a Cannabis Nurse: I didn’t like pot when I w ...

Registered practical nurse and cannabis clinician Karen Newell answers a blog reader's question about cannabis for sleep.
Natural Care medical cannabis is not myths misconceptions

What your kids don’t know about cannabis can ...

Learn the real story behind 5 common cannabis myths and misconceptions, and get the upper hand next time your kids start touting their medical cannabis knowledge.
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What is neuropathy and can cannabis help?

Neuropathy is one of the most common types of chronic pain, and is notoriously treatment-resistant. Find out how cannabis may help.
Cannabis is both an ancient and promising treatment for migraine headaches.

Is cannabis better than other migraine drugs?

Cannabis is one of the oldest and most consistently used migraine treatments in human history. Find out why.
Older woman suffering from arthritis and shoulder pain inflammation

How cannabis fights inflammation

Chronic inflammation and inflammatory conditions are common - but that doesn't make them any less devastating. Find out how cannabis can help.