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Natural Care + CannaMed: Enhanced Medical Cannabis ...

We are pleased to announce that Natural Care has acquired CannaMed Clinic. This merger will introduce current CannaMed patients to the enhanced free services offered to all existing and future Natural Care patients. Natural Care’s no-cost services include: Online (telemedicine) prescription and follow-up visits with a doctor or nurse practitioner Telephone and email medical cannabis...
Natural Care save money on medical cannabis

4 ways to save money on medical cannabis

Hot tips for minimizing medical costs.
Natural Care medical cannabis chronic pain

3 reasons cannabis may ease chronic pain

Learn why cannabis is an increasingly popular medicine for people living with chronic pain.
Natural Care medical cannabis diabetes treatment prevention

How can cannabis help diabetes?

Don't believe the old theories - regular cannabis consumers actually tend to weigh less and have better-controlled blood sugar than their non-consuming peers, a finding that holds promise for people with diabetes.
Natural Care medical cannabis studies seniors elderly

5 studies on cannabis for seniors

How much do we know about medical marijuana for older adults? The results of these recent studies may surprise you…
Nurse holding a cannabis plant

Ask a Cannabis Nurse: I didn’t like pot when I w ...

Registered practical nurse and cannabis clinician Karen Newell answers a blog reader's question about cannabis for sleep.