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4 ways to save money on medical cannabis

Natural Care save money on medical cannabis

Want to get the most from your medicine at the lowest cost possible? Here are four ways to save on medical cannabis today.

Get a prescription

A recent study published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs found that a large proportion of so-called recreational cannabis purchases are actually intended for therapeutic use. The survey of 1,000 customers, conducted in Colorado cannabis retail stores, found that 65 per cent of customers reported using cannabis to relieve pain, while 74 per cent consumed to promote sleep.

While it’s true that many of the products available in Canada by prescription can also be found in recreational stores, there are several benefits to ordering by prescription instead. From a medical perspective, product selection, dosing and potential drug interactions are best managed by a cannabis-savvy doctor or nurse. But if you’re using cannabis therapeutically, there are financial benefits to ordering via prescription, too – a limited number of health insurance plans cover medical cannabis, and cannabis can be claimed on your taxes as a medical expense – but only if it’s been prescribed.

Use the lowest effective dose

Like other medications, the goal with medical cannabis is to find the lowest effective dose, a practice sometimes called microdosing. To do this effectively, you’ll need to track your daily dose and monitor its effectiveness (don’t worry, your Natural Care nurse can help!). Although you want to avoid under-dosing,  or not using enough medication to treat your symptoms, finding the lowest effective dose is both medically prudent and financially favourable.

Ask for compassionate pricing

Most licensed producers (LPs) of cannabis in Canada have a compassionate pricing tier for patients who meet certain income qualifications. Other discounts, such as seniors and veterans pricing, may also be available. Speak with the Natural Care patient care team to learn more about reduced pricing options from our partner LPs, or call your LP directly and ask if you qualify for any discounts.

Look for free shipping

Medical cannabis is typically shipped directly from a licensed producer to a patient’s home, although LPs vary greatly when it comes to how they charge for deliveries. Some use expensive (but convenient) same-day courier services, others pass on the costs of Canada Post package delivery, while others use the same services, but cover the costs themselves. Even if you’re getting the medicine you need from a producer that charges for delivery, you can still save money by ordering in advance, and opting for a longer, cheaper delivery window.

Looking for more advice on how to save on medical cannabis? Call our patient care team to discuss your options: 1.888.671.8022.

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